Monday, 2 August 2010

New Craft Room

I thought I would share with you a few images of my new craft room which is almost ready for occupation. The walls are painted, the floor is down, the kitcchen unit is constructed, as are the paper storage units. I'm just waiting for the desks, filing cabinets and chair, and also for the blinds and, of course, the tv, which will be mounted on the wall, then I can move in there. Well actually, I will move in without the desks and filing cabinets as I can make do with the old ones for a couple of weeks. The only draw back, is that the floor hasn't been laid in OH's model room which adjoins my craft room, so there will be dust. I daresay the joiner can do his cutting outside - weather permitting, or a temporary curtain can be put up where the door between the two rooms will be. The walls are painted in lilac, the floor is oak and the blinds will be winter white
Anyway, here are a few pics for your delectation! The next time I post pics I will be in there!
Bye for now.


  1. Wanda it looks fantastic, so light and airy. I do hope you're going to have a craft party once you're all in and setled! I know a few of us who would help you christen it.

    Jenny xx

  2. oh just bliss - can I come and live with you Wanda
    Ann xxx

  3. You lucky girl! Can't wait to see it. Don't envy you moving all your stuff in though!

    Janet xx

  4. Lovely space, enjoy.

    Jen x

  5. LOVE it... it's fabulous