Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Gossamer Felting

A couple of weeks ago I atttended a super workshop at Stitch It in Llandudno with my friend, Elizabeth. I made the gossamer scarf, shown below. Firstly, we learnt about all the products that are available for felting. We then had the daunting task of deciding on our colour schemes. Now, to anyone who knows me, it will come as no surprise to learn that I am the queen of indecision. However, on this occasion, I found the decision making process relatively easy. I opted for pale blue with a smattering of pink. Not my usual colour choice, but I decided I wanted to do something different.

The day just flew by. Once we had laid our main colour of merino felt tops out onto the clear plastic sheet, three layers with a bit of cross-hatching, we then laid down our chosen quantity of contrast colour in various types of silk wools, giving our work as much texture as we wished.

The next step was to spray the peice liberally with soapy water, then lay another piece of clear plastic on top. Then the work began, firstly with pre-felting to start the binding process, then the felting, then we washed and rinsed our scarves.

Definately something I will be doing again. I have since watched a u-tube video where the lady demonstrating used bubble wrap instead of clear plastic, and rolled the work up, firstly from one end and then from the other, rolling the work about 100 times from each direction.

Bye for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Wanda xx


  1. Fabulous scarf! Thanks for such explicit instructions. I can see you making quite a few more of these.

    Janet xx

  2. Gorgeous scarf Wanda, I've never done any felting sounds like it was a fun time
    Beryl x