Friday, 22 April 2011

Pictures of my Garden

As I can't do much in the way of crafting at the moment as I have injured my back, I though I would show you a few views of my back garden. The main reason for taking pictures in the first place is the magnolia is in bloom as we have never had so many flowers on it before. So the picture below shows the magnolia with our little summer house in the background.

The second photo is a closer look at the summer house. In need of a lick of paint I think! The third photo is a view od one corner of the garden with the garage at the rear.

I'm feeling really frustrated at the moment as I just can't get comfortable to do anything. If I sit for too long I seize up, so I can't sit and read a book. I do hope it improves soon.

I have been making slow progress with my wall hanging, but I will get there in the end. I have been practising using my sewing machine - a Christmas present in 2004 that has hardly seen the light of day so far. Anyway, I am impressed with what it can do, and I haven't even tried changing the feet yet. Think I will try a bit more needle felting just now.

Bye for now. I will try and get a crafty post done soon.


  1. The garden is looking lovely Wanda, what on earth have you been doing to your back? I can recomend sunshine as a cure!!!! Be good!! Love Elizabeth xxx

  2. A beautiful garden Wanda and your magnolia is super. Sorry to hear about your back, what have you been doing? Hope it improves over the Easter weekend and you can sit out in the sunshine.
    Christine xx

  3. Poor you honey... You must get it seen to, I told you before!!! the garden is looking fabulous... Lovin that little summer house...

  4. Your garden is looking so pretty just now with the magnolia in full bloom. Everything that wasn't killed off by the bad winter seems to be going mad this spring and the flowers are stunning. Take care of that back and make sure you rest.
    Jenny xx

  5. Lovely garden Wanda. I do hope your back improves soon. Happy Easter
    Jen x