Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New Craft Room

I finally moved into my new craft room on Sunday, and spent the next two days just getting it sorted out. I don't know how all that stuff fitted into there! It really is so much bettet than trying to craft in the dining room. I still have a few things to sort out. I need to buy a tv for in there, and the broadband connection doesn't work in there either. I think it will needed to be hard-wired or something.

We also need to get doors made to go between my craft room and Rob's model room, which incidentally, is bigger than my craft room! I tried my hardest to get him to swap but no joy there. I do have the nicest view, and I will be further away from our son whose flat adjoins the model room. I will be able to use the side door from the model room as a short-cut to the house.

Anway, I am really pleased with it. It looks fairly tidy at the moment, and Rob hopes I will keep it like that. Fat chance!

Sorry for the staggered way the photos appear. I tried to get them in two rows but no joy. I did think about taking a video or the room but thought I might have problems uploading it onto here as I have never done that before. Anway, it gives you a chance to take a look - before I mess ot all up!
Bye for now.


  1. Looks wonderful Wanda such a lovely place to craft. Have fun xx

  2. Am I envious? Am I? Yes I am!! Lucky girl - your creativity will go into overdrive. Look forward to messing it up in October!

    Janet xx

  3. I'm not green at all Wanda, I say with fingers crossed! This place looks fantastic and I would love to play in it, you will have fun and I'm sure your creativity will be in overdrive now. Keeping it looking like this would be impossible for me.

    Jenny x

  4. Wanda! What a fabulous room! Bet you can't wait to mess it up, it's faaaaar too tidy! lol Have lots of fun in there, won't you? You won't ever want to leave.
    Love Jan x

  5. A great craft room Wanda so light and soo much room. Enjoy.

    Jen x