Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Friendly Plastic Weekend with the lovely Liz Welch

I have just had the good fortune to spend a weekend at Caernarfon Castle in the company of a delightful group of ladies being inspired by the very talented Liz Welch, ably assisted by the lovely Adrienne. Friendly Plastic is so versatile and can be made to look like metal, knitting, in fact anything, in the capable hands of Liz.

The weekend just flew by we were all having so much fun. Adrienne provided a wonderful buffet lunch on both days and flew up and down the steps endlessly keeping the kettle and crock pots topped up with water.

Some fabulous work was created by the ladies in attendance, inspired by all the lovely examples Liz had brought along.

Here is a look at my work from the weekend. I am just itching to do some more, which is in my plans for tomorrow, so watch this space.

This is a piece I stamped into with a clay squisher stamp.

This piece was created using the "knitting technique" demonstrated by Liz.

Another piece using the knitting technique.

The two above are samples of the ooze technique

This heart is made using a shape cutter and the ooze technique

Another heart, this time with black lace embedded into it.

And finally, a picture of all the pieces I created over the weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and can't wait for the next one!

We also had a bit of drama at the castle on Sunday afternoon, but that will have to wait until my next post as galley duties call. Pop back tomorrow and there will be more piccies, including some of the drama!

Bye for now.

Wanda xx


  1. OOh Wanda, they are fab-u-lous! It looks like you had a wonderful time and made friends with the FP too
    claire xx

  2. Wow how very clever of you Wanda... they are all fabulous well done you.. must get mine out and play one day xx

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I've had quite a lot friendly plastic for years and never really managed any good results with it but seeing these may just make me go searching for it all again. Tfs, Jenny x

  4. These items look wonderful Wanda. Never tried friendly plastic, always think it will be much harder than Liz makes it look. You have done a great job. Sounds like a good weekend.
    Jen x