Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm back after a lengthy absence caused by family issues. Anyway, nice to be back in blogland again. A few days ago I received a new Next Directory and I decided to make a magazine rack from the sturdy box it arrived in. The shape you see is what I was left with once I had torn the top away along the perforations.
Firstly, I sanded the edges, then painted them with a mint green acrylic paint. Once that was dry I covered the inside with a plain paper co-ordinating the the striped one used on the outside (can't remember where I got it from). Then I set about covering the outsides with the striped paper. Once the pva glue was dry I stamped the sides with a range of foliage stamps from Lavinia stamps and Clarity stamps using two shades of green, two of blue and purple adirondac dye inks. The fairy and birds are stamped using black versafine. My current craft magazines sit in it nicely until such time as I receive updates, then they are filed away for future reference.
I'm determined to keep blogging on a more regular basis, health and family issues permitting!
Bye for now, Wanda


  1. Brilliant idea Wanda, and so well done, it looks a bought from the shop product

  2. Thats fantastic Wanda, a lovely way to store those craft mags

  3. Woo what a good idea and what a super finished project Wanda I love it. The stamps I recognised straight away. Thanks for recycling with me this week Love and special thoughts Cynthia x

  4. Great idea Wanda,and so much more satisfying to make it yourself.
    Ann x

  5. Fabulous Wanda - what a great idea. I really like the idea of doing one of these.
    Ann xxx

  6. Such a good idea and one I may steal and adapt! Good to see you back in blogland, hope you manage to keep it up, providing things carry on getting better.

    Jenny x

  7. Wow - that is a great idea Wanda - now where did I put that box? Tess x

  8. This is beautiful. I've never seen such a pretty magazine rack. Looks like you're back with a bang.
    Beryl xx

  9. Brilliant idea Wanda, I must order something if only to get a box to recycle. LOL
    Good to see you back in blogland.
    Christine xx

  10. Glad to see you are back and creating! Great idea. Is it colour coordinated with your new craft room in mind?

    Janet xx

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments folks. Janet, I did sort of choose colours with my new craft room in mind. I can;t wait for the new craft room with a place for everything - until I but some more, that is! My husband just wants our dining room back!