Friday, 17 July 2009

Well, here it is at last, the card I made for my grand-daughter's 21st birthday, again using my new found skills on the craft robo. The colour scheme is black and pink with a hint of silver is the mats to the wording. The background is a scrapbook paper, embellished with a flora doodles flower with a gem in the middle. It was well received. She said it was the best card I had ever made for her!
The secret with the craft robo I have found, is to know the weight of the card you are using and set the pressure and speed accordingly. I bought a selection of card from them at the training day. Each pack tells you the weight of the card and the correct settings to use. I meant to make some swatches to check my other cardstock against but haven't found the time to do it yet. I'm really enjoying using the craft robo now, just 3 years since I bought it! Oh well, better late than never.
Sorry the image is slightly crooked. I'm learning!!! I'm off to make some "thank you! cards for my grand-daughter to give out on her last day at college on Wednesday.


  1. No wonder Hannah was pleased with it Wanda, it's gorgeous. I need to start playing with my robo.
    Beryl x

  2. Gorgeous card Wanda, I've learned the harder route about card stock and speed (still am really) but you're right, it's the secret to sucess.
    Ann x

  3. Beautiful card Wanda, not surprised Hannah was thrilled to receive it.
    Christine xx