Saturday, 27 June 2009

Here are a couple of pages from the autograph book I made today for my GD to have all her friends at college sign. My bind-it-all got an airing and I tied assorted ribbons around the wires. Each page has a small image stamped in the bottom left-hand corner on the left side pages, and botton right hand corner on the right-hand pages. I've kept it all in a pink and green colour scheme. Loads of fun to make.


  1. She'll love that Wanda - it's so special and unique
    Ann x

  2. This so unusual, your grand-daughter will love it
    Beryl x

  3. Loads of fun to use too Wanda - it's just gorgeous.
    Ann xxx

  4. That's lovely Wanda - Hannah will love it I'm sure.
    Ali xx

  5. This looks great Wanda.
    Well done you Love Cynthia x